PROEX Protección Contra Incendios, S.L. (“PROEX PCI”) was founded in 1985, changing its name to PROEX Protección Contra Incendios, in 2018

Our company is the only one in the Balearics who is specialized in installing and servicing all fire related systems, both for marine as well as industrial applications. We have a deep experience both in fire retardant treatments and fire protection.
The PROEX PCI team is composed of highly skilled international professionals who can remediate all fire protection problems.
PROEX PCI is an installation and maintenance company authorized by the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands with registration number 04/27854


Since 2000, PROEX PCI is ISO 9001 certified with TüV.

Since 2010 Proex PCI is Lloyd’s register preferred supplier.

PROEX PCI is an installation and maintenance company authorized by the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands with registration number 04/27854


PROEX offers:

  • Service oriented approach: our customers score us with an average note of 9,1 out of 10*.
  • Best-in-class post-sales service.
  • Fast execution: our customers score us with an average note of 8,5 out of 10*.
  • Clear technical information on products installed: our customers score us with an average note of 8,5 out of 10*.
  • Fair costs: our customers score us with an average note of 8,1 out of 10*.
  • Reliable costs: no last-minute surprises after a job has been done.
  • Highly trusted: our customers remain with us for many years.
  • PROEX stands for neatness and attention to detail.

Las notas reportadas en esta página proceden de las encuestas de satisfacción a más de 250 clientes relativas al año 2018, realizadas en el ámbito de nuestro sistema de calidad.


We have important clients such as:


Agroilla, Air Liquide, Camper, Club de golf Alcanada, Colonya, Comas Autocares, Construcciones Jaime Bibiloni, DeHotel, Ejercito del aire, Grup Moyá saus, Hotel Bahia de Alcudia, Hotel Carabela, La Salle, Lottusse, Morey Esteva, Morlans, Opel Inca centro auto, Polivas, Quely, Santi Taura, Son Amar, Supermercados Bip.Bip, Transabus, Transunion, Viatges Massanella, Villa Italia.



Astilleros de Mallorca, Baltic Yachts, Best Boats Yacht charter, IPM Group, Lifestile Charters, Marina Palma Cuarantena, Marina Port de Mallorca, STP Shipyard Palma, Total marine S.L., M/Y Mirage, S/Y Bella Ragazza, S/Y Ganesha, S/Y Kinina, S/Y Palmira, S/Y Shenandoah 1902, M/Y MQ2, S/Y Alexa of London, S/Y Kenora, M/Y Roma, S/Y Red Dragon, S/Y Prana, S/Y Is a Rose, M/Y Fair Lady.


Enforcement and compliance with legislation

At PROEX, each and every employee complies with the applicable legal regulations at any given time. These normative requirements are observed by the employees of PROEX who ensure their fulfilment. At the same time, PROEX employees must adhere to the internal regulations agreed by management and, where appropriate, by employee representation. PROEX aims to create an atmosphere of trust at all levels of the company, inviting employees to express themselves freely. Similarly, PROEX recognizes the freedom to organize and not to practise any kind of discrimination related to its activities.

Repect for people

Respect for people is a fundamental principle of PROEX’s day-to-day work. The addressees of this code ensure that each and every people who constitutes our environment it is treated in a fairly, equitable and respectful way.

Equal treatment. Non-discrimination. Harassment

PROEX guarantees to all employees an equal treatment, respect and non-discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, nationality and any other circumstances protected by law. Every employee must comply with this principle and ensure compliance with it. PROEX will prosecute and denounce harassment in the working environment and its employees are encouraged to report any type of situation that could be considered as such.

Respect for human rights

Each and every PROEX employee shall respect the laws and regulations in place where PROEX operates.

PROEX will comply with both national and international laws related to child labour. Under no circumstances we work, or we will work with children younger than 16.

PROEX is fully convinced that work is a right and not an obligation, and for that reason we condemn any form of forced labour or service performed against one’s will and/or under the threat of punishment.

Safety and Environment

At PROEX we strive every day to provide a healthy and safe environment in our organization; we understand that fostering this situation generates a positive environment and benefits everyone.

It is the obligation of each employee of PROEX to ensure and respect the rules concerning safety and hygiene at work and to use correctly the equipment and facilities that the company makes available to them.

Use of resources and equipment

PROEX employees have the obligation to use the resources offered by the company in an appropriate, responsible and efficient manner; respecting the purposes for which they are made available to them. These resources are to be used exclusively for the benefit of the company. Any activity not intended for the benefit of PROEX, in which its resources are used, is totally prohibited.

Those employees who, through their activities in PROEX, have been assigned to manage their funds, are responsible for their proper and efficient use; always using them under authorization and following the guidelines marked for that purpose.

Protection of the information

Under no circumstances shall any PROEX employee disclose confidential information related to the company or its customers to any other natural or legal person outside PROEX. At the same time, this type of information should not be disclosed internally, unless its use is necessary for the normal exercise of the functions of each job.

In the case of having to share confidential information with suppliers and/or clients, it will be done with the maximum responsibility and always informing management about the situation.

Conflicts of interest and transparency

All decisions made by PROEX employees must be based on the best interests of the company and must never be based on a personal interest. Collaborators and suppliers will always be selected according to exclusively professional criteria and never in their own interest or benefit.
If, through the exercise of their functions, any of the employees of PROEX is in a position to contract the services of any collaborator and/or supplier with whom they have family and/or friendship ties, so that there may be doubts about the objectivity of this decision, it will automatically inform management of this situation and will be decided always and exclusively in the best interests of the company.
The acceptance or offering of gifts, lunches, dinners, services and any other kind of consideration by PROEX employees towards the collaborators or part thereof is not permitted under any circumstances, except those due to customary commercial practices or courtesy and whose perceived value is symbolic.

The corporate image of PROEX is of the utmost importance and for this reason employees are encouraged to follow and promote the values of integrity, honesty, sincerity, equality, respect and proactivity that management intends to promote on a daily basis with the aim of making PROEX a dynamic, current company that fosters creativity, the achievement of its goals and a sense of responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PROEX strives to be a socially committed company, promoting initiatives that publicize such a commitment.


At PROEX we stand for service, innovation, tailored solutions and thorough attention to detail.

In order to cover the whole of the spectrum of fire related services, we decided to partner with those companies who share our vision and who are on the technological edge in the industry.

We focused into four areas: active fixed fire protection systems, fire extinguishers, Passive fire protection and marine aerosol solutions.

All these companies represent the state of the art in their area of expertise and, like us, most of them have more than 30 years’ experience.

Ignitor: Passive fire protection

When we visited Ignitor for the first time, we were impressed by their skill in working with notoriously difficult materials such as velvet and cashmere, doing so to an impeccably high standard. After the use of their products, it was impossible, at hand’s touch, to detect if the textile had been treated or not. The company, since 1974, has been innovating their product line.

Ignitor’s main activity focuses on the manufacture of their flame retardants and intumescent products for passive fire protection: Mortar, varnishes and intumescent paints, fireproof liquids, nanotechnology, and its application in the marine, commercial and industrial sector.

Ignitor’s products protect, between others, the Spanish senate, Liceo’s Opera house, the Four Seasons hotels.
More info on Ignitor and their products

Tema Sistemi: active fixed fire protection systems.

When deciding which partner could provide the most advanced and elegant fire protection solutions, it was crystal clear to us that the most advanced and detailed oriented manufacturer of fixed systems was Tema Sistemi.

Tema Sistemi has been on the market for the last 30 years.

There was a time Tema Sistemi innovated the traditional fire protection by improving the best technologies already existing. Then, they changed perspective; they stopped looking backwards and started to develop brand new fire extinguishing solutions. Solutions never thought of before.

Tema Sistemi is an international company highly specialized in engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and installation of certified and customer-oriented firefighting systems and products.

The Research and Development department follows the researches in strong cooperation with standardization bodies, institutions and universities, developing technologically advanced and eco-friendly fire-fighting solutions with an innovative design.

As an example of places protected through Tema Sistemi’s fire protection systems, we can find: the Vatican Museums, Bulgari, the Italian Navy and the French one, Fincantieri and the Four-Season hotels

More info on Tema Sistemi and their products

ANAF: fire extinguishers

Searching for the most advanced a knowledgeable portable fire extinguisher manufacturer, the choice went naturally to the ANAF group.

The companies belonging to the ANAF group are specialized in the design, production and distribution of a vast range of fire extinguishers of every type and capacity, both pressurized and unpressurized, with internal or external cartridges. They have more than 30 years technical design experience.

Today ANAF group is the leading European company in the design, production and distribution of portable fire extinguishers for the marine, industrial and automobile markets and has obtained significant recognition and references from the main international manufacturers.

ANAF is the only portable fire extinguisher manufacturer in Europe that produces each and every one of the components of their products. Their fire extinguishers have an efficiency well on top of the one of their competitors.