Trieste Battleship

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Proex is happy to announce that our partner Tema Sistemi has been chosen for the fire protection of the new multipurpose amphibious unit (LHD or Landing Helicopter Dock) battleship of the Italian Navy: Trieste.
The Trieste, launched last May 25 by the president of the Italian republic, Sergio Mattarella, is the largest military battleship built by Italy since the end of the Second World War, with a total length of 245 meters and will be equipped with a flight bridge for helicopters, about 230 meters, to ensure the operation of a battalion of 600 men and a garage bridge able to accommodate 1200 linear meters of wheeled and tracked vehicles, both civil and military.

Tema Sistemi has been responsible for the design, production and installation of the active fire protection systems on board.
This battleship has been designed in accordance with: IMO, MIL and UMM rules. It has been designed in order to ensure correct functioning during all mission profiles including with the battleship in shape of the fight
Depending on the environment to be protected, the following systems were provided:
• water mist systems Aquatech® for the protection of: machinery spaces, auxiliary spaces, accommodation spaces, corridors and kitchens;
• water mist systems Aquatech® withFirefive® for the protection of; Hangar and Garage;
• semi-fixed foam systems for flight deck protection;
• Novec systems.

For most of the protected environments, the choice has fallen on water mist systems Aquatech®. This becasuse this technology, besides being an ecological choice in terms of water consumption, has a high extinguishing efficiency and has been developed specifically to meet the needs of military units.
As far as Hangar and Garage are concerned, in addition to water, it was decided to use the additive Firefive®. This is effective of class A, B, D fires and consequently on the materials present in these environments such as: tires, plastics, textiles, combustible liquids and magnesium.
Thanks to the partnership between Proex and Tema, this technology is now available in Spain also for yachts and superyachts. For our industry, our customer will benefit both from Tema’s demonstrated technical capabilities and from the famous Italian design of their nozzles.
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